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SCOLLA is an authorial name that seeks the origins of the teaching strategy of medical schools, where the basis of education is one-on-one training.

Started on October 15, 2021 SCOLLA - Surgical Training Center, draws on the achievements of its founders in three institutions: FALKE, Jacques Perissat Institute and COLAB-ON.

Surgical Practices

Animal Lab
Cadaver Lab

Surgical Practices

Animal Lab & Cadaver Lab

Individual Accompaniment

Skill Development

Surgeons teaching Surgeons

Motor skills and market practices

18 years of experience

+ more than 2,000 students trained
+ 100,000 surgeries performed

Who makes Recommendations

José Mario Lemes

Student CBMI course - I can only thank this course, I am very happy. I appreciate the participation of all the masters. I was very positively surprised with the structure that this course offers. I recommend it to everyone.

Gabriel Volpato

CMI course student - The course brings the experience of the professors who are able to show us the shortcuts of surgery, which is very important for daily medical practice. It also provides networking with colleagues from all over Brazil and abroad.

Marcos Fernandes

EDA student - The course is very dynamic and has exceeded my expectations. The strong point is the practical part where we can perform advanced and varied endoscopic procedures, which has provided a great learning experience. The investment was very worthwhile.

Valter Montana

The theoretical classes and the surgeries have given me the necessary knowledge to plan and safely perform the cases. Of course there is a learning curve that I will go through, but I feel able to start safely performing these procedures.

Izabelle Rezende

I think I had a great time in the course because it added knowledge and security. The teaching staff is excellent, didactic and experienced. As a student I always expect a greater amount of surgeries, however, as we are in a pandemic scenario, I understand the limitations in this 'area

Ricardo Simoes

Despite the pandemic where everything changed, the course and the professors are to be congratulated. Extremely professional at this time, they knew how to adapt to the circumstances and offer the best knowledge.

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